Features & Overviews

Business in real life is remembered not just for its product but also because of its services, support and customer-friendliness. Our Advantage can help you with picking out the best service and Start-Up to Success for your business.

  • .Net & MS Sql Server

    Built on Microsoft
    VB.Net and Sql Server.

  • Cloud Compatible

    Supports Cloud Database.
    Access your data from anywhere.

  • Future Technologies

    Core Technology is ready with future technologies.

  • Easy to Customize

    On-spot customization in Invoice, Reports and Screens.

  • Limitless Colors

    Don't be bored with same look always, change as you like.

  • Lifetime Developments

    Continous developments of improvement and requirements.

  • User Friendly

    Limited Key strokes, less usage of Mouse & Shortcut Keys.

  • Data Security

    Key data fields are encrypted. No threat from outside comers.

Beautiful User Interface

Full access control of the screen, design and AddOns change your awesome background elements, edit colors, change places and movements from makeover.

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Multi Tasking

As the name itself suggests, multi tasking refers to execution of multiple tasks (Sales, Purchases, Reports etc.) at a time. Used in modern software when multiple tasks share CPU and Memory.

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Reduce the amount of time spent on manual processes by 90%. You can now better comply with regulations to reduce risk and save thousands of work hours that can then be reallocated.