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About the Company

Company was founded in 1999 by the Chairman & Managing Direcor Mr. N R K V N Kumar of the Company. Soon the Company earned a reputation as a trustworthy partner that always demonstrates its value in practice. As the Company grew, it maintained a reputation for high business quality, strong financial performance and excellent customer service. For over 15 years the Company has provided a comprehensive business strategy and solutions through the multilevel Management System. After the foundation was first developed in 1999.

Company name has been subsequently advanced and expanded for over 15 years. The technology has been kept current, and new features and functionality added to provide our customers the most cost effective, flexible software solutions available.

In addition, while our customer base has grown from 100 in 1999 to over 14000 in 2014. We have increased our ability to operate with external client software. Our Company can serve many customers simultaneously, while still providing the rich functionality necessary to communicate with Business Professionals today.

Our Business Company is expanding our offering as well. We offer solutions for Business Companies of any size and form of property. We have been providing customized solutions to our clients throughout our history. Our solutions are global, and our future developments will take even greater advantage in the business world offering more flexibility to our clients and their partners.

The Company constantly develops its technological base. The company began in response to a demand for reliable, efficient business information processing tools that were easy to implement on the part of business developers.

Over a period of fifteen years, the company has acquired a reputation for delivering unique and dynamic strategies that have impacted the bottom line of businesses worldwide. Daxinsoft with you to assess your business needs then develops a customized strategic program of business coaching, consulting and business training to achieve your goals. Our high quality ranges of services are convenient and can fit most budgets. Since most of our services are by telephone, fax and e-mail and onsite. We can work with clients all over the world.