Joining all our customers getting them together at one place for a healthy purpose, and here Automatically transfer of Bills between two systems, (Supplier & Customer); this feature indicates you that you need not enter any bills, visa versa. This process will simplifies that business needs and saves you precious time and money. No routine task of manual entry of purchase bills, this is where we act as HUB our clients.

Customer can have a complete reference of products, Companies and related information which is available in the market and will be updated of the products automatically or manually into the client system through our UNICODE system where we act as HUB of clients.

A complete inventory & accounting package that will integrate seamlessly into every facet of the products distributor operation. With streamlined order processing, Profit Maker turns your quotes into orders and directly into invoices without having to re-enter data. Everything from commission to order to invoicing and drop ship accounting procedures is easily handled in Profit Maker. Gain peace-of-mind by knowing you can access any piece of data easily within one package.

Why settle for just "accounting software" when you need so much more? With over 3,000+ desktops using Profit Maker Computer applications, you can be assured that your business will have the most up-to-date industry software solution available to handle your needs.

               • Streamlined Order Processing.
               • Effective Customer Service.
               • Efficient Inventory Control.
               • Reliable Accounting.
               • Electronic invoices transfer between clients.

Become more effective and efficient with one system. See the many ways Profit Maker will help save you time, increase sales, improve profits and manage your business with more control and accuracy.

Maintain complete control the order process by utilizing ASI products along with Profit Maker. The order will seamlessly travel between ESP, ASI Transact and Profit Maker in a number of different ways. Find out more about how ASI and ASI Computer Systems integrate their Packages Exclusive to Profit Maker, we provide direct interfacing to ASI's product offerings like ASI transact and ESP. We have exclusive rights to load an unlimited number of ASI suppliers directly into your Profit Maker system.

With an ASI Computer System, you'll not only benefit from great software, but you will have access to our industry-leading support and trained service experts. Our goal is to provide you with a wide range of support services and training to help you become even more successful.

Please let us know your specific interests or needs.