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Support from the company

Company is a full-service business firm, and are ideally organized and sized to meet the demands of today's fast-track mid-size and big-size companies. We aim to make a measurable difference in our clients' businesses by delivering expert and industry-specific insight, accessible and proactive service and strong relationships built on trust.

Application Support department supports solutions and refines them to meet customer-specific needs. It also provides special tools to extend or supplement functions.

The business of the company have increased sharply in recent years for a variety of reasons with respect to correctness’ and consistency of data, the integration of process steps, and especially the significantly tightened business regulations. Quality is the decisive criterion for solutions utilized by the Company

Those who have worked with us have experienced firsthand our commitment to total client satisfaction. Nearly 80 percent of our business is from existing clients by expressing their satisfaction about support and products of the company, and many of them have been a part of our client family for 13 years.

Company provides fully software support service which is the team of experienced service desk analysts offers support and advice for all software related issues.

The truly integrated "one-stop" support service provides the business with a single point of contact for all support issues. The team work within an Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL framework to ensure that we consistently provide a quality service to the business.

Our Support provided through On-Site, Phone and the Internet. Goods and Service Tax (GST) HSN for software 8523, SAC for software services 9973

Our Accounts Telephone Numbers: 040-24769880,24759880,7207855444 (WatsUp,SMS),7207813984,7207831523 (Incoming barred in all numbers)
                         E-Mail id:

On Week Days Open (Monday to Saturday)

List of holidays

1. Sankranti (2 days except bhogi)
2. Republic Day
3. Mahasivaratri (Next Day)
4. Ugadi (Telugu New Year)
5. May Day
6. Ramzan
7. Independance Day
8. Vinayaka Chavithi
9. Ganesh Immersion (Only for Hyderabad)
10. Vijayadasimi
11. Deepavali (Next Day in Hyderabad)
12. Christmas

If you require technical or training assistance related our products please call our service desk on working days on from 10.30am to 6pm (Monday to Friday) 10.30am to 1pm on Saturday

Please ensure that you have the following information so that we can help with your enquiry:

          o Client UniCode Number or Name and City.
          o Software Product Name and Version number (displayed above in the tool bar).
          o Contact person name and Calling person name.
          o For RDC support IP address of internet connection.

If you not yet given us the opportunity to work with you, we encourage you to call us for live demo of products at your place.

Services Charges/Features Applicable (W.E.F 01/01/2015) on .Net Platform (Empire Edition)

Support Priority
Within working hours
72 48 4
Biometric Login
Finger Print/Face Detection/
Voice Recognization
Devices to be purchased by customers only
No Yes Yes
Users Activity
No Yes Yes
Report Graphs No Yes Yes
Warranty Period
(Purchased Year)
6 Months 1 Year 1 Year
Warranty Onsite visits
(Purchased Year)
Each Time Maximum 2 Hours Duration
3 6 12
Warranty Online Support
(Purchased Year)
(Each Session Maximum 1 hour)
6 12 20
Free Updations
With in Warranty Period
6 Months Not Applicable Not Applicable
AMC Single System
(Single Software Only)
Rs.4000/- 20% on Purchased Amount 20% on Purchased Amount
AMC Each Additional System
(Single Software Only)
Rs.1000/- Rs.1500/- Rs.2000/-
AMC Hike
(On Every Renewal)
On Previous Year AMC Amount
10% 15% 20%
AMC Onsite Visits
3 6 12
AMC Online Support
Each Session Maximum 1 Hour
10 12 20
Customization Charges Not Applicable On Estimate On Estimate
Additional Systems Adding
Any time
For Single Software
3000 3500 4000
Free Reports Adding
Total in Life Time
Additional Chargeble
Not Applicable 30 70
Free Reports Modification If in AMC Unlimited Unlimited
3 5 10
Additional SaleTypes
Adding Each
Rs.5000/- Rs.5000/- Rs.5000/-
Call Charges
After Warranty Period
Each Time Maximum 2 Hour Duration
For Outstation Customers
TA + DA Extra
Rs.1000/- Only TA+DA Only TA+DA
TABLET PC's Each Device 500/-(Per Month,Minimum 3 months to be paid)
(Anual Payment for 10 Months)
Reinstallation 300/-
(To be brought to support engineer)
CANNOT BE DONE * Firm Name Change
* Selling Firm to others / Transfer to others or Firm
* Propreitor/Mg.Partner/Managing Director Change
For above reasons our software related Services,AMC or any other will be terminated
CHARGEBLE * Address Change
* Data Export to Tally (One Time Only)

Services Charges Applicable (W.E.F 01/05/2013) on VB Platform

(Annual Maintenance Charges)
(No.Of Systems 1)
Hike 8% on previous AMC amount
(No.Of Systems 1 + 1)
Each Additional System Rs.500/- EXTRA
Hike 8% on AMC year amount
(Maximum 1 Hour Duration)
Maximum 3 On Site visits + 10 Online Support Sessions
(Maximum Duration each 1 Hour)
Maximum 10 sessions
(Maximum Duration 2 Hours)
(TA+DA to be Extra For Out Station Customers)
TABLET PC's Each Device 500/-(Per Month,Minimum 3 Months to be paid)
(Anual Payment for 10 Months)
Reinstallation 300/-
(To be brought to support engineer)
CHARGEBLE * LAN Updation(New)/Client Systems adding
* Address Change
* Data Export to Tally Tool (One time only)
CANNOT BE DONE * GST Number Change
* Firm Name Change
* Selling Firm to others / Transfer to others or Firm
* Propreitor/Mg.Partner/Managing Director Change
For above reasons our software related Services,AMC or any other will be terminated

Our Bank Details

A/c No :  50200004254287
Name :  Daxinsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Branch :  Bank Street,Koti,Hyderabad
IFSC :  HDFC0001997
IMPS MMID :  9240426
Inv.No 3 3 3 3
Inv.Dt 4 4 4
BillType 6
FootDis% 15
Adjust 28
RndOff 31 22
Cr.Note 29
Dr.Note 30
Comment 13 11
P.Code 33 24 6 5
P.Name 34 25 4 6
Packing 35 26 7 7
Batch 36 27 9 8
Mrp 40 35 17 17
PurPrice 39 30 15 15
Qty 37 28 21 21
Free 38 29 22 22
RetPrice 56 42 14 14
P.Dis% 42 32 23
Expiry 47 34 10 10
Gst% 44 13
CGst% 44 12
SGst% 43 13
HsnCode 55 48 5
Spl.Price 57
Stk.Price 58